Inicio Comunidad Community Service Person of the Year: Wendy Mateo-Pascual

Community Service Person of the Year: Wendy Mateo-Pascual

Latin American Excelente Awards Charlotte 2019


Wendy is a Christian servant leader originally from the Dominican Republic. At the age of nine, she met a group of employees of the local power company who were on hunger strike to get better working conditions. That experience impacted her so much that that day she decided to dedicate her life to serve the most needed members of the community.

When Wendy moved to Charlotte 16 years ago, she did not speak English, was seven months pregnant and did not drive. However, due to her strong desire to serve the community, a few weeks after her arrival, she started volunteering with the three organizations serving the Latino community at the time: The Latin American Coalition, Mi Casa Su Casa, and the Latin American Women’s Association.

She joined Camino Church and started working with her husband Eliseo Pascual and Pastor Rusty Price. As a result of that partnership Camino Community Center was created. Besides been the co-founder, Wendy served the organization as their Executive Director for ten years.

Wendy holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and social communication from the Autonomy University of Santo Domingo and a post-graduate degree in Community Development from Pontifical Catholic University. She is currently in Graduate school at UNC Charlotte.

She has been married to her best friend and supporter Eliseo Pascual for 21 years, and they have three smart and energetic sons: Yarince, Nelson and Marcos.

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